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Interviews with Amy Schugar



    Last year guitarist / vocalist Amy Schugar put out the demo collaboration "Under Construction" with Michael Schenker via her website www.amyschugar.com. The CD received many excellent reviews. She has also toured with MSG and is proving a talent in her own right with several other projects on the go.

    1) Your 'Under Construction' CD got some good reviews, how's it going with that album?

    Things sold very well! And here and there people are still hearing about it and wanting to purchase it - I am also including signed photos now with the order.

    2) How did you get to team up with Michael Schenker? Didn't you tour with MSG?

    Yes! I toured with MSG- it was a lot of fun! Michael and I met at an Eric Johnson concert (where Amy was singing / playing guitar)

    3) How easy was he to work with on the album?

    Michael was wonderful and gave me such creative expression and we got lots of laughs and we worked together quickly and smoothly - seemed many and often times, our minds thought alike on many ideas.

    4) What is your current project and will you tour with it in Europe?

    I am currently working with Doug Stapp and we hope to tour with this project everywhere!! Jennifer Batten and Dave Uhrich agreed also to play on the album as did Terry Lauderdale and Europe would be fantastic of course to tour!

    5) Anything else in the offering that you'd like to announce?

    I have the show on the November 5th with Robin McAuley and MST and Dave Uhrich.

    6) Going back, when and why did you first pick up a guitar?

    I picked it up around age 14 and still have the very first guitar I ever played! I loved the way it felt in my hands and thought: "I would love to play this!"

    7) What were you listening to then? And who are your main influences?

    I was listening to Kiss, but did not have too many influences that I Remember - I had a couple of favorite players however.. Randy Rhodes, Uli Roth, Eddie Van Halen..

    8 ) What was it like to meet people you grew up listening to?


    9) Is rock'n'roll still a male dominated scene?

    Seems like it..and I have to work extra hard..But I do think that the TV industry, music and most things are male dominated, and most likely always will be.. That¹s OK, but I wish they would do away with the commercials and embarrassing ads towards women that are always all over the TV ! I feel certain that if the industry was FEMALE dominated, these disgusting ads would be far and few between.. just my opinion, but, I could be wrong..?

    10) Where can people go for news or more info?

    Please see http://Amyschugar.com there is news, Journal, music page to hear things and all kinds of links and always feel free to e mail me! (cue mention website and downloadable tracks)

    11) What next? Final comment?

    Thank you very much for the interview and hope that everyone can make it to the benefit concert! It is for a good cause and for the families in Crisis.. Everyone keep playing your instrument also, and never give up! Most of all be prepared, cause you never know what may be around the corner for you!

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