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Interviews with Amy Schugar



    Schugar interview

    She has been playing in several bands since the eighties, she worked with Michael Schenker, she's ready to release her brand new album very soon... I had the opportunity to speak with... the very talented Amy Schugar about history, her new album and a possible upcoming tour.

    Thanks for taking my call Amy, So how ya doing?
    Aaa.. Doing pretty good! And yourself also I hope!

    For those who don't know who you are...give a little bit of background on yourself. What got you into rock?
    I was young when I picked up the guitar! I started hanging out a bit with freinds at Cortez Park In Phoenix and we would all sit around singing like hippies!! Ahh, it just really felt right!! I loved Kiss as a kid also, so I just knew it was what I wanted to do-

    Are you a schooled musician or self-taught?
    Self Taught- I go by ear mostly. Like I have a music Job coming up later this month- I will probably not even get to hear the songs at all! But it is my job, so I will show up and get by ok- and then next time I will get a tape or cd and learn them -

    You endorse Daisy Rock Guitars for about four months now. Are you satisfied about your instrument and in particular your whole equipment?
    I really like their guitar, and especially the accoustic I recieved from them! They are still a new company somewhat, and not just a girly company-You should see how they really do have some DUDE type guitars, really they do!

    Michael took you out on tour with MSG last year, you were introduced by great rockstars like Ozzy Osbourne and Scorpions, your number of fans are still growing. How did you experience the whole thing?
    I felt really blessed and very lucky to have been given such a great opportunity!! Ozzy was the greatest! We hung out for a while.. Me and Ozzy Osbourne on a love seat!! Amazing! I wish I could have met Sharon but she was not there- Rudy and the Scorpions were great people and I was very well recieved by them-

    You've got a new record just about in the can, can you tell me a little about the new album?
    Yes! This record is with Doug Stapp- It is going to be a great Rock album!! We should start recording the end of October we are shooting for, and by the end of the year or November have a finished product- It is going to be a lot heavier than my other stuff and many solos here and there-I have asked Jennifer Batten to guest appearance on it- her and I e mail back and forth a bit and I just pray she takes me up on the offer! She is awesome-
    I am trying to get my friend Terry Lauderdale in on a couple of lead spots also-

    How many tracks did you do in total for the album and how would you describe your new songs?
    This is still in the works- Definitly more than 8!

    Are you currently selling “Under Construction” and your new record otherwise then via your website?
    I will probably continue the Under Construction sales here on my website... and we will be exploring all of our options of label interest- currently there seems to be many-

    How do you usually write the songs, tell me about your cooperation with your writing partner Doug Stap?
    STAPP - two t's! But ok.. He bangs out a song from there in Texas, sends it to me, I tear it apart and write to it, we talk on the phone, and boom, it is done! Doug is so incredible and all of the musicians, that there is really not any need to get together really for this project at this moment! We will have some rehearsal before the recording starts however-thats a given-

    You put together a new lineup, please tell me more about the bandmembers
    I named them above- but yea, all really great professional players! Many with different labels also-

    'I am very happy about this current line up and how things are progressing!'
    Bandmembers and "staff"
    Doug Stapp - Guitars
    Amy Schugar- Guitars and vocals
    Rob Stankiewicz - Drums
    Kory Prince - Bass
    Rob Stankiewicz - Drums Current Label - M Records,Albums - Hajis Kitchen - S/T (Shrapnel Records)
    Scott Stine - (Shrapnel Records)
    Derek Taylor- Dystrophy (Shrapnel Records)
    Crimeny - Peat (Shrapnel Rec.)
    Rob Balducci (Favored Nations Records)
    Lots Of Various!
    Website - www.HajisKitchen.Com
    Albums - Doug Stapp - S/T - (2004 Progresive Arts Music)
    AND Eddie Head - Producer
    Website - www.HajisKitchen.Com

    What ambitions do you have for the new formed band?
    Get this record done, come up with some kind of a tour, and hopefully depending how things go, another one! But really who can tell with the future, but for now I am very happy about this current line up and how things are progressing!

    What’s your biggest wish for the future?
    To pay down some of the money spent to make this music dream happen for me!!! You can not believe the sacrafices I have made! I have hardley a job now, and I am at this constantly, and I walk such a fine line many times between getting my mortgage paid and getting equipment, or office gear- my office has really grown! I hope to be able to visit with the many freinds again - I am just so so busy with press and I self manage at this time, that it is just not easy- I get 170 thousand hits to my site each month and I answer every letter that comes to me at www.amyschugar.com
    I don't seem to have time for much else at this moment- I really miss being around people, but I have to focus full on for this project and my future- My wish? Is to be able to take some time off someday to spend with friends, and a wonderful vacation!! And to be front cover of GUITAR WORLD MAGAZINE!! And to do many many more albums!

    Do you have any plans for additional legs of the tour maybe next year?
    You may have to contact Doug Stapp for this-

    What about playing Europe and Japan?
    I have been invited to do so- And I think much of this will depend on the deal and label we are offered-

    Finally, Is there anything else's you would like to share with your fans in Belgium and The Netherlands?
    Oh yes!! Thank you very very much for the support there!!! Boy! I would love
    to go there and play! Metal Maidens was kind to me also- Please feel free to e mail , with any questions at all at the Amy@amyschugar.com
    or www.DougStapp.Com THANK you so much for your support and for a very nice interview!
    Talk soon Peter-

    OK, Thanks for talking Amy and good luck with the album.

    -Interview by peter mondria
    September, 2004

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